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Increase Your Company's Efficiency

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Every healthcare organization has communication workflows that where born out of available resources and technology. Many where implemented just to get the job done. Many have become “mission critical”. By deploying Digital Conversation we can and have improved those workflows to successfully meet our clients needs.

Communicate With Patients How They Want

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81% of all patients text regularly. 78% of patients wish they could text with their provider. Over half of customers would rather text a customer support agent instead of using other available options. Response rates from text are 209% higher than those from phone calls. Digital messaging is the fastest growing business service in the world. Seamlessly and efficiently move between texting, secure messaging and secure video with Digital Conversation.

Scale Your Organization

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Voice as the standard communication channel for call centers has been challenged and been supplemented with, if not fully overtaken, by SMS and two- way messaging. Whether you operate a nurse call center, doing medical management as a payor, a physician office, a pharmacy, a chiropractic office or dental facility the need to reach your patient population quickly and efficiently is an imperative. Digital messaging, specifically texting and secure messaging is the fastest growing business service in the world. The reasons for this growth include: preferred consumer channel, operational efficiency, lower cost, higher contact rates, promotion of self service, part of a digital communication strategy to deflect voice traffic.

What Does Digital Conversation Offer?

Digital Conversation is a secure, cloud based platform where healthcare organizations implement our digital communication ecosystem and solutions. We explore with an organization on how and where to deploy a messaging strategy. Our goal is to extend the personal conversation in order to stay connected and improve the experience of the patient, drive revenue and lower operational and communication cost.

Use Our Solutions to Your Advantage

Texting is an efficient and highly adoptable approach for delivering powerful web based applications for success!


Existing forms that patients fill out can be created created electronically as a link. The link can be sent via text message for patients to fill out and sign.


Future refills are processed and sent as a link to patients. A fast, convenient and secure way for patients to select which prescriptions they want refilled.


Messaging that is authored to the disease state, clinical condition, medication, financial or administrative workflow and is calendared to be delivered on a defined date and time.


Move seamlessly between texting and secure messaging. The system will create a unique token that credentials both the user and enrollee to a secure channel, taking the conversation off the carrier platforms onto a secure web based service that is encrypted.


Move seamlessly between texting and secure video. Start a video session without the need for the patient downloading software, knowing a meeting number, password or username.


Send large numbers of text messages. A data file of patients is provided to the platform for ingestion, a message is added to each patient based on business rules of our client.


Provide appointment reminders as an integration to existing scheduling systems or using DC’s scheduling facilities.


Appointment recalls are notifications to patients that are candidates for services rendered by the healthcare provider or organization that have yet to be scheduled.


Business to business secure messaging with the ability to share documents between instances of the Digital Conversation platform.


Users on the platform can construct text messages and send to patients on the platform. Workforce Management features are built into the platform creating scalable efficiencies for  response management.


The platform allows allows for automatic responses to be sent to a patient when a patient has responded to an outgoing message. AfterHours messaging allows for an AutoAttendant to respond to the patient when an incoming text is sent to the the platform after hours or when a business is closed.


Users can create of a secure message with attached documents to be sent to the patient for access at their convenience. In addition, on the patient phone, once accessed, the system provides the patient with their own secure inbox where all secure transactions are historically held for future retrieval.


A fast, convenient and secure way for patients to select which orders they want to approve or which supplies they need refilled.

How It Works

Let’s have an “Idea Meeting”. Allow us to explore with you the possibilities, let us “Demo” the possibilities, then let’s get busy “Implementing” Success!

An Idea Meeting

Schedule a 15-30 minute call to discover where Digital Conversation may play a role in your success.

Schedule a Demo

We can demo the products that are most applicable to your current environment and then show you the possibilities of digital messaging.

Implement to Success

We can get your organization up on Digital Conversation fast. Patients can be pre-loaded, users authorized, pathways created, all customized to your organization. We can have you messaging in no time.